Thursday, May 28, 2009

RCN News In English - Evening Update For May 28th, 2009

BOGOTA, D.C. - In the headlines, a new case of swine flu is confirmed in Bogota, 17 people are now infected with the virus in Colombia. Also, tourist bus en route to the coast falls off a 50 M cliff. Miraculously, nobody is hurt. Plus, a 5-year-old boy swallows his pencil sharpener while attending class. It was removed at a Barranquilla hospital. Meanwhile, the Colombian government starting in June will be assisting war victims, paying families up to 600,000 pesos each.

Colombia News Update With Monica Fonseca

BOGOTA, D.C. - Prince of Spain, Felipe de Borbon and his wife, Letizia Ortiz attendet a dinner party offered by president Alvaro uribe at Casa de Narino. In Bucaramanga, enviromental authorities recovered a baby tiger kept ilegally on a house south west of the city. Also, a bad road accident happened on the way linking the department of Antioquia with the north coast. 16 people got badly injured. Finally, in the town of Ospina, Narino, 11 year old boy Johan Steven Martinez marched from his hometown to Pasto, claiming the release of his father who's been kept in the jungles by the FARC 11 years now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

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